Our Petition Gets National Attention

Update: The district has satisfactorily addressed this issue, read the update here.

With this website and just one Facebook post, we have already received over 2,665 views, 100 post shares, countless messages from concerned parents and teachers, and now the attention of some media. And we are just getting started.

We are not alone in our concern for our schools and our children. Alex Newman wrote a column about this petition and spoke about it on the Dr. Duke show. The column and the video interview are worth sharing to your concerned friends, neighbors, and fellow parents.

In the article, he also mentions an upcoming documentary in which “a coalition of prominent black Americans featured in the upcoming film Buck Breaking argue that it is part of a white supremacist plot to destroy black families and reduce the population of blacks.

I also want to mention the next District 7 school board meeting is February 2nd. We need everyone who can to show up, and I hope to be able to deliver a statement to the school board that night.

Please continue sharing and encouraging people to sign the petition!